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This North Home duvet is filled with Hungarian white goose down, it is known throughout the world as one of the best goose downs available. Hungarian goose down has been used throughout the world for many, many years. It is superior in quality and very consistent. The geese are grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world. Hungarian goose down averages over 700 loft. Also a high 700 thread count shell is used to maintain the high quality standards.

30.5 cm (12 in.) baffle box construction. Fill power: 700+ filling power (cubic inch per ounce)

Shell: 100% cotton. 700 thread count sateen cover.

Fill Weight: King: 1,134 g (40 oz.) Queen: 992.2 g (35 oz.) Twin: 708.7 g (25 oz.)

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Size & Care

Size Weight
88” x 68” 25 oz
Queen 90” x 92” 35 oz
King 102” x 92” 40 oz
Dry Clean Only

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  2. Answered by the admin

    Hi Lisa,

    This duvet doesn’t have OEKO-TEX Standard labels or other similar certificate labels. The video I attached herewith showing the process of the down cleaning. After the deep washing and cleaning processing, the down material reaches the standard of antimicrobial and anti-allergenic requirement.

    [video width="480" height="276" mp4=""][/video]

    Our manufacturer is located in the down & feather industry center of China. This manufacturer was established in 1988, and now it is a leading enterprise in the superior down & feather filling and bedding industry. It is top ranked in the industry, supervisory Board member of International Down & Feather Bureau (IDFB), member of International Down & Feather Bureau ( IDFB), public relation committee member of IDFB, Technical Commission member of IDFB, Vice president and merit enterprise of China Feather & Down Industrial Association; China QB down standard drafter; Vice chairman enterprise of Zhejiang Down Industrial Association.  This is a very reliable manufacturer.


  3. Answered by the admin

    Hi Chelsey,

    This Hungarian White Goose Down Duvet is better for winter time.


  4. Answered by the admin

    Hi Lisa,

    The 'Baffle Box' construction is used to keep the down won't shift. So don't worry the down will migrate to the outer edges.


  5. Answered by the admin

    Hi Yum,

    Yes, it is 100% down-proof fabric.


  6. Answered by the admin

    Hi Tomoko,

    We are sorry, we don't have Super King size, and we only ship to Canada and US.


  7. Answered by the admin


    In order to make the goods hypoallergenic, the manufacturer did deep cleaning for the down materials. The cleaning degree reaches 700mm-800mm, which is much higher than the required standard of 500mm from IDFL ( International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory). There is also a high temperature sterilization process for the down material. There aren’t any chemical materials added in other than detergent cleanser during the whole washing process.

    After the washing, the manufacturer guarantees that goods are hypoallergenic.

    There is no heat retardant treatment for this product.

  8. Answered by the admin Hi Sonja, We are sorry, we don't use Tog number for our products in Canada. However, we use Fill Weight for our duvet. For this Hungarian White Goose Down Duvet, Fill Weight: King: 1,134 g (40 oz.) Queen: 992.2 g (35 oz.) Twin: 708.7 g (25 oz.). It's very warm in winter. You can try it. If you are not satisfied. You can make a return. Thanks,
  9. Answered by the admin Hi Linda, Thanks for shopping with us. Yes, it has ties at the corners. Jet

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